World Geography Questions (MCQs) SET-3

Q1.Which among the following kinds of glass is used generally in making of the Bullet proof screens?

[A] Pyrex glass
[B] Jena glass
[C] Reinforced Glass
[D] Flint Glass

Correct Answer: C [Reinforced Glass]

Q2.At which among the following the “Quick Sand” will be found?

[A] Deltas
[B] Deserts
[C] riverbanks, near lakes, or in marshes
[D] Coastal Areas of Seas

Correct Answer: C [riverbanks, near lakes, or in marshes]

Q3.Which is the second largest canyon in the United States?

[A] Nine Mile Canyon
[B] Palo Duro Canyon
[C] Glenwood canyon
[D] Salt River Canyon

Correct Answer: B [Palo Duro Canyon]

Q4.Which among the following is considered as the desert counterpart of the Delta?

[A] Seifs
[B] Barkhans
[C] Loess
[D] Desert varnish

Correct Answer: C [Loess]

Q5.What is the underwater mountain system formed by plate tectonic spreading called?

[A] Mid oceanic ridge
[B] Oceanic Trench
[C] Continental slope
[D] Abyssal Plains

Correct Answer: A [Mid oceanic ridge]

Q6.Europa is the moon of which among the following planets?

[A] Saturn
[B] Jupiter
[C] Mars
[D] Uranus

Correct Answer: B [Jupiter]

Q7.In which of the following United nations body the members are elected for seats in UN regional groups?

[A] United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
[B] United Nations Human Settlements Programme
[C] United Nations Human Rights Council
[D] United Nations Administrative Tribunal

Correct Answer: C [United Nations Human Rights Council]

Q8.Yellow River flows through which country?

[A] United States
[B] Russia
[C] China
[D] India

Correct Answer: C [China]

Q9.What is the featureless plain formed through erosional and depositional processes in a semi-arid area called?

[A] Inselberg
[B] Moraines
[C] Pediplain
[D] Delta

Correct Answer: C [Pediplain]

Q10.What among the following are associated with the formation of Mid Oceanic ridges?

[A] Plate Tectonics
[B] The Big Splat
[C] Gravitational force
[D] Convectional force

Correct Answer: A [Plate Tectonics]

Q11.Which among the following soil is rich in minerals?

[A] Alluvial soil
[B] Black soil
[C] Red soil
[D] Laterite soil

Correct Answer: A [Alluvial soil]

Q12.In which country Black Hill, Blue Hill & Green Hill Mountains are located?

[B] Canada
[C] France
[D] Italy

Correct Answer: A [USA]

Q13.Who among the following proposed that the universe is in the steady state?

[A] Laplace
[B] Immanuel Kant
[C] Edwin Hubble
[D] Fred Hoyle

Correct Answer: D [Fred Hoyle ]

Q14.Which among the following statements is/are correct about Lithalsa, Palsa and Pingo?

1.Lithalsa is a Palsa with peat cover.
2.Lithalsa exist in a smaller range than Palsa.
3.Both Lithalsa and Palsa are relatively smaller compared to Pingos.
Select the correct code from the options given below:

[A] Only 1 & 2
[B] Only 2 & 3
[C] 1,2 & 3
[D] Only 3

Correct Answer: B [Only 2 & 3]

Q15.Which among the following statements is correct about Malpais?

[A] It is a landform of ejecta from a volcanic vent piled up in a conical shape
[B] It is the molten lava contained in a volcanic crater
[C] It is a rough and barren landscape of relict and largely uneroded lava fields
[D] It is an area of land surrounded by one or more younger lava flows

Correct Answer: C [It is a rough and barren landscape of relict and largely uneroded lava fields]

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