World Geography Questions (MCQs) SET-4

Q1.The Straits Times belongs to which of the following countries?

[A] Singapore
[B] China
[C] Malayisia
[D] India

Correct Answer: A [Singapore]

Q2.Which of the following country is known as Pearl of the Caribbean Sea?

[A] Cuba
[B] Anguilla
[C] Bahamas
[D] Jamaica

Correct Answer: A [Cuba]

Q3.Majority of the asteroids is found between the orbits of which of the following planets ?

[A] Earth and Mars
[B] Mercury and Venus
[C] Jupiter and Saturn
[D] Mars and Jupiter

Correct Answer: D [Mars and Jupiter ]

Q4.Which among the following are isolated hills with vertical sides and a flat top?

[A] Inselberg
[B] Arete
[C] Butte
[D] Bornhardt

Correct Answer: C [Butte]

Q5.Which among the following pairs of islands and the rivers is/are correctly matched?

1.Lulu Island – River Elbe
2.Csepel Island – River Danube
Select the correct code from the options given below:

[A] Only 1
[B] Only 2
[C] Both 1 & 2
[D] Neither 1 & 2

Correct Answer: B [Only 2]

Q6.What are weight gaining industries which are located at the point of consumption called?

[A] Raw material oriented industries
[B] Service industries
[C] Capital intensive industries
[D] Market oriented industries

Correct Answer: D [Market oriented industries ]

Q7.In which of the following United nations body the members are elected for seats in UN regional groups?

[A] United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
[B] United Nations Human Settlements Programme
[C] United Nations Human Rights Council
[D] United Nations Administrative Tribunal

Correct Answer: C [United Nations Human Rights Council]

Q8.Yellow River flows through which country?

[A] United States
[B] Russia
[C] China
[D] India

Correct Answer: C [China]

Q9.What is the featureless plain formed through erosional and depositional processes in a semi-arid area called?

[A] Inselberg
[B] Moraines
[C] Pediplain
[D] Delta

Correct Answer:[A: Inselberg]

Q10.Which of the following island is an Antarctic ice rise, in a shape of dome?

[A] Borneo
[B] Berkner Island
[C] Vancouver Island
[D] Baffin Island

Correct Answer: B [Berkner Island ]

Q11.Which among the following is not a characteristic of shield volcano?

[A] Hottest Lava
[B] Highly Fluid
[C] Light colored lava
[D] Poor in silica

Correct Answer: C [Light colored lava]

Q12.Who among the following proposed Laws of planetary motion?

[A] Newton
[B] Kepler
[C] Ptolemy
[D] Copernicus

Correct Answer: B [Kepler]

Q13.Which Era continues even today?

[A] Cenozoic
[B] Mesozoic
[C] Paleozoic
[D] Neoproterozoic

Correct Answer: A [Cenozoic]Q1.What kind of a landform is Sand boil]

Q14.What are small holes or caves on the surface of a rock formed by weathering?

[A] Bornhardt
[B] Tafoni
[C] Nubbin
[D] Inselberg

Correct Answer: B [Tafoni]

Q15.Which is the tallest active volcano in Europe?

[A] Mount Pinatubo
[B] Krakatoa
[C] Mount Vesuvius
[D] Mount Etna

Correct Answer: D [Mount Etna]

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